Bielka’s Butterflies to Land in Palm Beach

Palm Beach colors inspire fall/winter collection

Palm Beach will get the first glimpse of Robert Bruce Bielka’s fall/winter collection of new earrings.

Bielka JewelryBielka, the famed fine-jewelry designer, is unveiling a unique butterfly style, as well as new color combinations and clusters of gems.

“The larger butterfly earrings will all be clip ons, which feature our exclusive clip-back system that is more comfortable than most clip ons,” he said. “The smaller earrings will be pierced, either French clip or posts.”

Inspired by the palette of Palm Beach, Bielka said his focus this fall/winter is on color – combinations of pinks, greens and blues – featuring clusters of gems.

“Colored-stone jewelry will be more accessible,” he said.

To create a fresh natural bouquet in earrings, he is using kunzite, pink tourmaline in pastels and rose amethyst for the pinks; peridot, prasiolite and lemon citrine for the greens; and light blue topaz for the blues.

Always adding new designs

“We work year round in making new designs for our collections, so new pieces are added continually,” Bielka said, though his prized designs can be hard to come by as it can take months for certain gemstones to be cut, and he personally sets all the important gems.

Bielka Teddy BearsTimeless looks with fun and lighthearted themes have traditionally dominated his design philosophy. Bielka’s puppy and kitten charms are among his most popular pieces, while his Bearlooms — charms with moveable arms, legs and heads as well as gemstone and enamel accents — are perennial favorites. His teddy bear charms can be personalized with names, birthdates, birthstones and colors and are popular as gifts.

Bielka Diamond MonkeyOver the years, Bielka’s pieces have been collected by A-listers worldwide, including Barbra Streisand, Yoko Ono, Brooke Shields, Demi Moore, Marlo Thomas, Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, Billy Joel and Susan Lucci. “Supermodel Gisele (Bundchen) has the small monkey charm,” he said.

Born and raised in Seattle, Bielka worked behind the scenes designing jewelry for major manufacturers and retailers, but since 1979 he has had his own New York-based company and is widely recognized for the extraordinary quality of his design and detailed workmanship. His one-of-a-kind showpieces are sold by many of the world’s leading jewelers.

At 61, he is still pursuing his passion, making original models in a Manhattan workshop. His background in mechanical drawing helps him to express and record plans for new work. “Planning is a very important part of the design process,” he says.

Bielka has come a long way from his early days as a bench jeweler at Cartier. Over the course of his career, he has received many honors and accolades for his one-of-a-kind masterpieces as well as his signature collections, and he continues to receive widespread recognition.

His design philosophy is simple: “I make happy jewelry,” he said.

Neiman Marcus and Betteridge stores in Palm Beach will be among the first to carry Bielka’s fall/winter collection, including his unique butterfly earring designs.

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