How Famous Faces Stay Fresh

Tammy Fender, aesthetician extraordinaire, treats legions of recognizable faces, from Hollywood actresses to Palm Beach socialites. At Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care, she pampers clients with signature facials, holistic healing treatments and custom-blended formulations, and her products are a hit in upscale retailers across the country. Recently, she shared her thoughts on beauty, inside and out.

Tammy FenderWhat do your clients worry about most?
Anti-aging is my clients’ No. 1 concern, and I love to share that there is a whole range of effective and holistic solutions to keep skin looking its best. Many of these have to do with supporting skin through lifestyle changes in proper rest, healthy eating, and the quality of products we select to nourish and feed our skin. Being mindful of our thoughts can also create a more positive and happy state, and can even diminish fine lines created by certain repetitive facial expressions. By changing our habits, or by altering our expressions just slightly, we can diminish visible lines and make a big difference.

Have attitudes about beauty and wellness changed over the years?
Happily, attitudes have changed so much over recent years. I’m thrilled that the holistic lifestyle seems to be catching on, as more people adjust their diets and increase their awareness. People are so much more open to learning about their options. And there are so many more organic options out there, not only found in some tiny health food shop, but at the biggest grocery stores, too.

Tammy Fender Holistic Skin CareIt’s raining, I just arrived home and the gala starts in 15 minutes. What do I do?
There’s a quick, five-minute fix that does wonders for the skin, using my Epi-Peel and Quintessential Serum. First, the Epi-Peel reinvigorates the skin, increasing circulation and bringing oxygen to the surface, while sloughing off dead cells. Then the Quintessential Serum provides instant nourishment, and leaves skin with a luminous glow. You might even have some time to spare, as this process gives such a boost that you won’t need much makeup. A little lipstick and mascara and off you go!

Any beauty insights people might be surprised to know about?
It’s important for people to realize that by treating the skin as a living organ and recognizing what you put onto the skin permeates at all levels, you have a choice on how you care for your skin and overall well-being. Anytime you choose a product to apply to your skin, you should feel sure you’re feeding your body with the best possible nutrients.

What’s a quick, no-fuss way for men to keep their skin healthy?
Wiping skin down with a tonic is a great refresher and applying a holistic moisturizer offers the added benefit of pure nourishment and protection, a perfect daily ritual.

Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care Pure Living EnergyHow do you relax in your spare time?
Making time and space for quiet is essential to me, whether that means taking a walk along the water, meditating or relaxing with a great book.

Does working with famous people pose any special challenges?
I’ve had the great fortune to work with so many wonderful celebrities over the years. In our culture they’re held up to higher scrutiny than my other clients, of course, but everyone I work with wants the same thing—beauty and radiant health. In general, my celebrity clients are so open to learning about and living the holistic lifestyle.

More people today are sensitive to the chemicals they apply to their skin. How can the average woman know whether a new treatment, which might help them today, actually harm their skin later?
Any product is only as good as its ingredients. I use the finest botanicals and therapeutic grade oils along with food-grade ingredients in my formulas because they’re safe, and deliver a pure essence and a potent life force that permeates at the cellular level.

What are some beauty secrets for looking fresh when you travel?
Many of my clients have become quite good at remembering to stay hydrated and to protect their skin with a nutrient rich moisturizer while on the road. But what we all forget while traveling is to give ourselves the peaceful rest we need.

If you had to sum up your philosophy on beauty and wellness, what would it be?
For me, beauty is a feeling that emanates from within, creating an outer radiance. My mission is to help people make holistic lifestyle choices that feed their needs on every level—from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual—creating a deep well-being in every cell.

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